Responsible for a CMS, content editor, and Publication reader; I'm the go-to for all Product Design, UX, and Copywriting. I ensure consistent and user-friendly design while establishing the processes to implement efficiently, reduce overheads, and enhance team communication. 


Designed a custom Publitas Design System founded on Atomic Design principles; significantly improving the consistency & speed of the process from Branding to Visual Design through to Development.

Built a code-consistent UI Library for Publitas’ Design System in Sketch, slashing visual design time.

Re-designed the Publitas app using Atomic Design principles; reduced QA time, increased implementation speed, and improved product-team communication with a shared design language.

Increased Net Promoter Score from +55 to +67.

Utilised my UX, copywriting, and marketing expertise to revolutionise Usabilla's website.

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The Usabilla Blog

Redesigned Usabilla's popular UX blog to match the standards it promotes.

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Sapio (ongoing)
Copywriter, Designer, Developer

JF Mobile Barbering
Copy-wrote, Designed, Branded, Built

Copy-wrote, Designed, Branded


Usabilla for Email
Product, visual, and UX designed

Email Newsletters
Copy-wrote, Designed, Built

Usabilla Client Dashboard
Visual, UI, and UX designed




"Data is Delicious" – TBWA\WorldHealth London

As UX designer, I crafted an edible experience; proving innovative thought & drawing event attendees to our stand.

Bronze Award – Best of Health


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